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Ralf, Solution Architect, Damovo


Solution Architect

Smooth process

"The whole process was very smooth. All aspects were explained, e.g. hiring process, interview process. The 2 chats I have really showed the culture of the company and its employees.”

Network Engineer, Brussels

Achieve your potential at Damovo

At Damovo we are passionate about communication and being the catalyst for connecting people, processes and systems. As part of the Damovo team you will deliver technology solutions and services that enable this complete connection. We are an ICT systems integrator, collaborating with the world’s leading technology vendors – including Avaya, Cisco, Mitel and Microsoft - to develop innovative communications solutions that enable our customers to achieve success on their digital journey.

As part of a team of 650 diverse employees with operations spanning over 150 countries globally, you can expect to work in a very open and agile environment, where freedom to voice your ideas is encouraged and facilitated through flat structures and supportive management.

We believe that the cultural fit is every bit as important as the skills and experience we seek in employees

joining our Damovo team.

Great results are driven by the right mix of people.

We are looking for lateral thinkers, hard workers, visionaries and team players across all departments - from sales to accounting to field services to solutions design. Check out our vacancies below.

Become the driver of digital transformation with us.


Open positions

About us

Damovo stands for Data, Mobility, Voice. Quite simply that is what you will be dealing with.
The planning, integration, operation and optimisation of innovative communication and collaboration tools within companies is our core business.  As part of the Damovo team you will improve the way people communicate and work together using the very latest digital technologies from the world’s leading technology vendors.

We also offer a wide portfolio of ICT managed services that are designed to seamlessly support our customers’ complex requirements. Our ability to find the right mix of automation level and standardisation combined with the flexibility of our services, processes and staff is our recipe for success.

The Damovo Team 


Over 650 employees from many different countries and backgrounds.  We are as diverse as the solutions we offer to a wide range of customers across the world.  Our people are our biggest asset – enabling us to deliver innovative solutions and continual service excellence. As part of this team you will get the opportunity to work on both domestic and global projects with highly skilled colleagues.


2700 Kund*innen


650 Mitarbeiter*innen
Globale Expertise

countries in which we operate

50 Jahre Erfahrung

years of experience in the ICT industry


At Damovo our focus is to attract and retain talented individuals who are keen to be part of a fast-paced, agile and multicultural environment. As an employee you will receive competitive benefits, and many opportunities to develop and realise your full potential in a global organisation. We embrace continual investment in new talent and new visions.

Flexible Arbeitszeiten


Whether flexible working arrangements, trust-based working hours or home office - we place great emphasis on agility and flexibility. Together we decide which model suits you and your desired position to ensure a happy and healthy balance between personal and work life.

Career development 

Is there a special training that you have always wanted to do and that will help you in your field of expertise? We are happy to support you in this, we encourage personal and professional development. Regular training and language courses are part of the package to ensure a varied and rewarding career at Damovo.


Develop your full potential in an innovative and international environment with flat hierarchies, an informal culture and an open door policy. Your future colleagues are always ready to help out, we promote a strong team spirit and a team player mentality. Your ideas are encouraged and welcomed.

 Work Life Balance bei Damovo


You will be rewarded with a competitive remuneration package, and a host of benefits, such as pension, healthcare, income protection and life assurance and the opportunity to be part of our exclusive annual Circle of Excellence program. Further details on country specific benefits and initiatives are available from your HR team.

Moderne Arbeitsumgebung

Modern work environment

Technologies that enhance collaboration and communication are our core business. You will always work with state-of-the-art collaboration tools and processes in a modern working environment.
 Jobrad Damovo

Inclusive workplace

At Damovo you will work in a multi-cultural environment, with the opportunity to gain exposure to a diverse range of customers, employees and partners across the globe. Life will be interesting everyday.



Luisa Nengel, Damovo

Luisa Nengel

Hallo, Grüezi, Hey!

I´m your contact person for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Romania and Poland.

Jasper Krone, Recruiting Specialist

Jasper Krone

Moin, Hello, Bonjour!

I´m your contact person for Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Romania and Poland.


Caroline Reinhardt

Namaste, Ni Hao, Hello, Salam Alaikum, Guten Tag! I’m your contact person for Ireland, Belgium Luxembourg, Finland, Sweden, UK, the US, Costa Rica and APAC.


This is how our application process works

Du schreibst

You write

Apply for the open vacancies via our application portal or send us your speculative application.

Wir lesen

We review

Once we have received your application, we will review to see if you are a suitable candidate.


We contact you

You will receive feedback on your initial application from Andrew or Luisa who are part of our talent acquisition team.

Online Assessment

Online Assessment

The first interview shows: The chemistry is right. To get an even better impression of you, we invite you to an online assessment for selected positions.

Kennenlernen Icon

We get to know each other

We want to give you the opportunity to get to know us better. This can be in person or via a video interview.  If we feel there is a mutual fit then welcome aboard!
Getting to know

We get to know each other

We want to give you the opportunity to get to know us better. This can be in person or via a video interview.  If we feel there is a mutual fit then welcome aboard!
Tips from our HR team
Andrew, HR Coordinator, Damovo

Your network is one of the best resources at your disposal when seeking further opportunities. If you see a job that interests you on our career page or LinkedIn page – check to see who in your network may currently work at Damovo or did so in the past. They may be well placed to give you some tips for your CV, or further insight into our culture, business model and values.
Additionally, if you were to apply to us, a current employee in your network may wish to refer you for the open position – this can only help your application.

Andrew, Business Partner People & Culture, Ireland

Chris Maye

”Control what you can control.

Your CV:

make sure your CV is formatted in a logical manner outlining your relevant experience showing that you have the skills and experience contained within the job description. Tailor your CV to the specific role that you are applying for. This will give you the best chance at being called for an interview!


Your Interview:

make sure that you review the job description and ensure you can talk in detail about how your experience aligns with it. Try to use the S.T.A.R method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) when answering competency-based questions. Firstly, this method will keep you on track, but it will also ensure that your answers have a logical flow to them. Consider what the specific competencies for the role might be (communication, leadership, teamwork, etc..)  and practice answers for them aloud."

Chris , Business Partner People & Culture, Ireland


”In your application for Damovo, a start-up style company with a long tradition, you should briefly introduce yourself and tell us about your resume. Show us your personality and convince us with creativity and independent work."

Jasper, Specialist Active Sourcing, Germany

Gaby, HR Generalist, Damovo

We encourage candidates to ensure that their application documents are well presented – don’t forget first impressions are lasting.
The first part of your application is a cover letter that is concise and clear (max. 1 A4 page). The aim is to catch the recruiter's attention. Feel free to include a photo with your application; this is not mandatory, but it is always appreciated. The most important part of your application is the CV - the basic requirement for this is clarity! Therefore, only list facts, no comments and use keywords! The information given in the CV is supported by the certificates.

Gaby, Specialist Payroll, Compensation & Benefits, Germany

Greet, HR Manager Northern Region, Damovo

My tip, don’t be nervous during your interview, try to be yourself as much as possible, we won’t bite. Apart from your previous expertise, we would also like to hear more about you, what drives you, what makes you special.

Greet, Manager People & Culture, Belgium

Isabelle, HR Manager DACH, Damovo

Make sure your Wi-Fi connection is stable and your communication software is up to date. We want to get to know you, so prepare your webcam via your laptop or desktop computer. If you use your smartphone, make sure the battery is charged. Test your lighting and camera settings before.

Isabelle, Director People & Culture, Germany


You like freedom? You like community? Then you should definitely not be afraid to apply and be completely relaxed when you get to know us for the first time. Make sure you are well prepared and have a certain structure. The rest will come by itself. It is also important that you are yourself.

Laura, Director People & Culture, Ireland


Plan your commute so that you are not late for the interview. The possibility of an unforeseen traffic jam or a train delay shouldn’t be the reason to spoil that very important first impression. The recommendation is to always play it safe – rather early than late. Following this rule, you would avoid stressful situations in the event of any unforeseen delays. Finally, acquaint yourself with the parking possibilities beforehand as it will surely help in your time management.

Caroline, Specialist Talent Acquisition & Onboarding, Germany

Tanja, Specialist Learning & Development, Damovo

Make sure to take care of your image on social media. Upload a professional profile picture and don't hesitate to show your beautiful smile. When posting something, always think about the long-term consequences. What you put on social media stays on social media, so make sure you don't compromise yourself!"

Tanja, Specialist People Development, Germany

Luisa, Specialist Talent Acquisition Damovo

"An interview is not a monologue; you should always bring a few questions! Prepare well for our interview and ask me all your open questions about the position, the challenges or about Damovo itself! A little hint: if you can find the answer to the question on the internet right away, it might not be the best choice.

Luisa,  Specialist Talent Acquisition & Development, Germany

Michaela, Director Group HR Damovo

Company culture is very important to us, a friendly cooperative working atmosphere is our goal.
We already know your hard skills from your resume. Therefore, we will focus our attention to you as a person during the interview process. So don't pretend to be somebody else. In the end, you should fit into Damovo and the team and feel comfortable with us.

Michaela, VP People & Culture Group, Germany

Willkommen an Bord
Auszeichnung für unser Onboardin mit dem Human Resources Excellence Award 2021

Geschafft! Und jetzt?


Über unser Onboarding haben wir uns viele (wirklich sehr viele) Gedanken gemacht. Wie Du Dir sicher vorstellen kannst, macht eine Pandemie diesen so wichtigen Schritt, den Schritt an Bord, nicht eben leichter. Daher sind wir sehr glücklich und auch ein bisschen stolz darauf, dass wir für unseren Onboardingprozess mit einem Preis ausgezeichnet worden sind. Und wir hoffen, dass auch Du bald bestätigen kannst:
So wie Lexi:

springende Menschen am Strand in guter euphorischer Stimmung
Damovo Employer Branding


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